Formerly known as Winning Eleven; I’ve been playing the franchise since 1997 (Although I’ve played “International Superstar Soccer Deluxe” much earlier than that). This fantastic football simulator was my one and only gaming fix for a quite a few years. I used to make and burn my own option-file and even made several custom mods to play with friends. In my opinion, the last few iterations of the franchise is slowly deviating from what makes it special which is very disappointing. The online component, as with many other Japanese titles, is very rudimentary to say the least.


My first serious gaming addiction, and the game that honed my first-person shooter skills. Aim, communication, team-play, tactics, and spatial awareness; this is the game that taught me everything and introduced me to the competitive online gaming scene. Through Counter-Strike I formed many fantastic friendships with people from all over the world, many of which are still close of friends of mine in real-life since 2002.


Similar to Counter-Strike, this game taught me a lot about team-play, communication, and tactics. I played team-fortress 2 at launch and remained actively playing for several years. It is an addictive game that lead the way in class-based online first-person shooters.


The one and only large-scale class-based online multiplayer first-person shooter. The Battlefield franchise remains an epic experience that is absolutely technically sound, and visually breath-taking. My introduction to the battlefield franchise was in Battlefield 2. I’ve played it extensively and it taught me so much about squad tactics and communication.


My one and only real-time strategy addiction. I fell in love with Company of Heroes from the very beginning of its inception and to-date remain an active player. I loved the game so much that I taught myself how to make maps for it using the built-in worldbuilder ( check out my Company of Heroes 2 maps on Steam Workshop) . Company of heroes is a fantastic strategy game set in WWII and one of my all-time favourite games of all genres. 


I consider Borderlands to be the absolute original shooter-looter. A mash-up between Diablo’s addictive loot system, and the craziest stylized first-person shooter you can think of. Borderlands is a fantastic gaming franchise that is action packed, addictive, and very funny. The first iteration was great, but then Borderlands 2 was just jaw-dropping gorgeous in every sense. The third iteration “The Pre-Sequel” didn’t do enough in my opinion, the Borderlands 3 fixed that.


When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out it revolutionized the online multiplayer FPS scene. It was fast, action packed, and the progression system was like nothing seen before it. The franchise remains strong with yearly iterations, which I believe cases it to lack serious innovations from on release to the next. However, the fun addictive formula is kept intact.


Destiny is borderlands with a halo skin, and a little more. I played Destiny since its alpha release and was instantly hooked. The gameplay in Destiny is second to non. The movement is crisp, the abilities feel powerful and meaningful, and the guns have variety and weight. In my opinion, Destiny is a great game. It ticks many boxes; however, for some reason the game seems to struggle to find its identity sometimes. Every DLC or Iteration brings fresh ideas, but they always seem to be not fully realized.


In a nutshell, Overwatch is Team Fortress 2 with a MOBA twist. In the online multiplayer class-based FPS-MOBA, Overwatch is the original and is the king. The gameplay is solid, and the characters have variety and uniqueness. I’ve played Overwatch since its launch and keep going back to it from time to time. I cannot wait for the next chapter in the series.


One of best tower-defense games around, period. Orcs Must Die! is a fantastic and fun game to play alone, or with a friend. The gameplay is addictive; defeating hordes of orcs again and again using over-the-top traps and skills is very rewarding. The franchise however is well overdue for a serious injection of new ideas.


PAYDAY is a Heist-themed first-person shooter that is addictive, rewarding, and has an enormous replayablility value. Although visually PAYDAY may look a little dated compared to many modern first-person shooters, it lacks nothing in the gameplay category. This is on e of the most engaging co-op experiences around.


One of the original first-person shooters; DOOM remains an incredibly satisfying gaming experience. DOOM is fast-paced and absolutely packed full of action. Visually the game is beautiful. The environments, characters, weapons, and overall experience are very well designed. DOOM is one of the most satisfying single-player experiences available.


Uncharted is an absolutely beautiful cinematic experience. The story is immersive and full of set-pieces. The environment and the puzzle are very well designed. The motion-capture as well as voice-acting are top-notch. This game is at the pinnacle of the single-player experiences.


Similar to Uncharted, the Last of US of a beautiful cinematic experience. Compared to Uncharted however, this game is a lot less set-pieces and a lot more tactical choices. The motion-capture as well as voice-acting are top-notch. This game is at the pinnacle of single-player expeiences.